Tenant applications for review are posted here. Once reviewed, the documents will be removed and results will be available in the previously-approved charities section farther down the page. Following these is also a list of organizations for future review.

Each application will be reviewed and scored individually by each committee member, and will be reviewed as a group. Scores may be completed in meetings, rather than beforehand, as views and ratings may develop through conversations. Tenant Evaluation Summary Document.

September 26 Tenancy Review Meeting

Centre Floor Plan by Tenant Applicant Use

Tenant Occupancy Chart with Demographics

All Prospective Tenants with Current Status

Autism Society of Edmonton Area

Autism Tenant Recommendation

Autism Committee Evaluation

2015 Autism Annual Filing

Community Options – A Society for Children & Families

Community Options Board Motion

Community Options Tenant Recommendation

Community Options Committee Evaluation

Community Options Annual Filing & Directors List

Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Edmonton Branch

Cystic Fibrosis Tenant Recommendation

Cystic Fibrosis Committee Evaluation

Cystic Fibrosis Annual Filing & Directors List

Lifestyle Helping Hands Seniors Assoc.

LHHSA AGM Minutes & Board Motion

LHHSA Financial Statements: 2013; 2014; 2015

LHHSA Tenant Recommendation

LHHSA Committee Evaluation

LHHSA Annual Filing & Directors List

Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP) – Edmonton Central Council

SSVP Central Council Tenant Recommendation

SSVP Central Council Committee Evaluation

SSVP Central Council Annual Filing & Directors List

Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP) – Western Region Council

SSVP Western Region Council Tenant Recommendation

SSVP Western Region Council Committee Evaluation

SSVP Western Region Council Annual Filing & Directors List


Approved Tenants

Canadian Celiac Assoc., Edmonton Chapter

Centre d’Accueil et d’Établissment du Nord de l’Alberta (CAÉ)

Christmas Bureau of Edmonton

CHED Santas Anonymous

Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society

Rainbow Society of Alberta

Starfish Family Resources

Organizations for future review:

Fibromyalgia Society of Edmonton & Area

2014 Fibromyalgia Expression of Interest

2016 07 13 Fibromyalgia Site Visit

Alberta Library Trustees

Alberta Library Trustees Application

Canadian Hard of Hearing Assoc. (CHHA) Edmonton Branch

CDN Hard of Hearing Assoc Edm Branch Application