The Jerry Forbes Centre Foundation is leading the way to promote and recognize all that is good in our community and in our city. Our Centre is home to 25 local charities and non-profits and we are here today simply because of RADICAL GENEROSITY!

People of all ages, families, and our vulnerable poplulation depend on the services provided by the organizations at the Jerry Forbes Centre. Acts of generosity happen everyday ensuring these charities and non-profits can continue their work to make our communities healthier and stronger.

Remember, it’s about what we CAN DO in our own small way. If you have a story your would like to share, please reach out to us at hollyp@jerryforbescentre.ca.


The movement is REAL and it’s RADICAL and we want everyone thinking about what they CAN DO with an act of GENEROSITY.

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RADICAL GENEROSITY = Philanthropy (Reimagined)

The story of Slavo Cech, the inspiriation behind Radical Generosity.

We see it everyday in our community, acts of generosity, big and small, quiet and loud.  It was during the peak of the COVID pandemic, when everyone was told to stay home and people were struggling to cope with the isolation. A local Edmonton artist, Slavo Cech, was experiencing the same struggles and thought about WHAT HE COULD DO in that time of uncertainty, to use his art to lighten the heaviness we were all feeling.

His idea, a spontaneous ART HUNT in Edmonton’s river valley! He would hide a widely poplular art sculpture called “Bent Not Broken”, somewhere in the river valley and drop clues on Twitter. He just wanted to give people a reason to get outside and feel some happiness.

What happened next was truly remarkable. Families and individuals safely left their homes to participate in the art hunt! It was exciting, stimulating, and brought light into the lives of Edmontonians during a dark time. Families loved it, kids loved it, people isolating alone had a purpose to get outside. Thank you Slavo, for your spirit of generosity and kindness. The Art Hunt is stilling going strong two years later!


Let’s work together to grow this movement! We’ll work with you and your team to create a campaign to build momentum for Radical Generosity through actions, kind words, and thoughtful giving.

We’ve got the ideas, all you need to do is reach out and we will create something specifically for your team, company, or community group. Contact Holly at hollyp@jerryforbescentre.ca or call 780-491-0532.