Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jerry Forbes Centre?

Jerry Forbes Centre is a critically needed, innovative co-working office and warehouse space that is uniquely themed on volunteerism.

The Centre will provide Edmonton non-profit organizations with a vibrant work environment to foster communication with other organizations through resource sharing in a sustainable, multi-tenant centre promoting synergy, innovation and community spirit.

There is currently nothing like it in the greater Edmonton area for Social and Human Service organizations. The office is primarily designed for administration of charities and training of staff and volunteers for outreach into the community.

The Centre will be a magnet for not-for-profit organizations to collaborate, fostering high-calibre knowledge and resource sharing and best practices through volunteerism and professional management of charities.

What makes the Jerry Forbes Centre unique from other shared space options for Edmonton non-profit organizations?

The Centre will provide its Tenants and the broader community with both the benefits of shared and vibrant work spaces and the opportunity for collaborative administration where charitable organizations will share resources and talents to create efficiencies.

What is the benefit of providing shared administration?

The benefit to Tenants of the Jerry Forbes Centre will be the relief of financial and logistic pressures faced by non-profits, by lifting property management issues and providing long term, affordable leases below commercial market rates, including services and amenities they would not otherwise have access to – such as shared reception, meeting space and access to volunteer collaboration, and back-office infrastructure.

How do these Shared Services create Social Innovation and Efficiency?

Managing the Centre in an integrated way will provide its non-profit Tenant Partners with solid, reliable infrastructure (such as phones and internet) and a professionally managed facility, further enabling the long-term sustainability of these organizations. The Centre will also host integrated training programs such as financial management, charity compliance and volunteer and staff training.

The Centre creates the opportunity for shared staff and volunteers. Using this job sharing model provides continuity in employment and alleviates financial pressure on individual organizations. It also creates the opportunity for people to make new connections and collaborate to create solutions.

What is the key issue Edmonton non-profit organizations say the Jerry Forbes Centre solves for them?

Edmonton non-profits have identified access to affordable, long-term, predictable and quality administration spaces as one of the biggest issues they face today. Joining the Jerry Forbes Centre will ensure these important organizations have sustainable futures and continue to contribute to those in need of their services. Lease rates are calculated from the cost of operations of the Centre and are projected to be below current commercial lease rates.

How does Jerry Forbes Centre choose tenant partners?

Tenancy in the Centre is criteria-based to ensure the vision and values of the Foundation are upheld.

Full details on the criteria and how to apply are available here

How can I volunteer to work with the Jerry Forbes Centre?

The Centre is currently in design and development stages, and will be boosting volunteer engagement upon opening. The Jerry Forbes Centre shares current volunteer opportunities in Edmonton’s non-profit community on its social media channels – you can find links at the bottom of the page.

How many Tenants are moving into the Centre prior to its official opening?

We anticipate that over 15 charities will call the Centre home, and we will announce all Tenants as each becomes official. The Jerry Forbes Centre for Community Spirit will open September, 2018.

When is the official opening of the Jerry Forbes Centre?

The Jerry Forbes Centre for Community Spirit is currently under renovation. The expected open date is September, 2018.

To view Renovation photo’s, click here

What will the Jerry Forbes Centre look like after renovations?

The Jerry Forbes Centre for Community Spirit is currently being renovated.

The Centre will be a hub of activity for non-profits that share office and warehouse space in a collaborative multi-tenant model.

As well as work spaces that meet their needs, Tenants will have access to shared collaboration and work spaces, meeting rooms, a kitchen and lounge areas, the opportunity to attend community-building and learning sessions, and have access to events taking place in the Centre

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