Jerry Forbes Centre Tenant Application

The Jerry Forbes Centre is seeking registered charities to share space and services.  Those charities that serve Edmonton and area, primarily in the field of human services, will be considered for tenancy.  The office will have an administration focus; with open work areas and private offices, a shared kitchen in the Social Heart, a classroom, boardroom, various meeting spaces and events room available for bookings.  We will be sharing reception, back-office services (a biz-hub with printers and a mail room) and our IT infrastructure (phones and internet). The warehouse be home to active charitable programs as well as storage.

We begin with Primary Criteria for tenants in the Centre and continue with an online application. When we receive an application, we get in touch to complete an interview and learn more about your organization. Print Application form here to gather data in advance. We welcome any questions you may have in advance, contact us here.

Step 1 of 6 - Organization Information

  • Primary Criteria

    The Jerry Forbes Centre is looking for Organizations that:
    - Are a registered charity in good standing
    - Serve Edmonton and/or the Capital Region
    - Are open to innovation and collaboration with other organizations
    - Are willing to invest in collaborative activities
    - Engage volunteers to deliver programs and services
    - Demonstrate financial sustainability

    Preference will be given to:
    - Organizations whose primary focus is in the field of Human Services.
    - Organizations whose primary use of office space is administrative in nature.

    Organizations that will not be considered for tenancy are:
    - For-Profit or corporate organizations;
    - Organizations set up for political or religious reasons, professional associations or unions;
    - Organizations whose services may present a security risk to other tenants;

    Special Circumstance:
    If you believe your organization is a good fit with the Jerry Forbes Centre and its vision and values but are not clear if you qualify, please contact us directly at call us at 780-440-6359.
  • Organization Information